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Behind the scenes at ProCare Recruitment

ProCare was founded by Samara Hatton in 2005, having previously worked in the Healthcare recruitment industry, so has had many years’ experience in the Healthcare Service sector, and is well known for her diligence, caring attitude and dedication to her Clients and to her Staff.

There is a team of excellent friendly professional people in the office, who personally keep in touch with Clients on a daily basis, so they fully understand their clients’ needs and build a trusting relationship. This is so important in order to provide them with the appropriate Healthcare Staff well suited to handle their particular requirements. It has always been important to ProCare, and still is, to maintain a good client/staff relationship, to keep in touch, to provide a rapid response to enquiries , to provide the best Healthcare staff and TO BE THERE when needed 24/7.

ProCare has an excellent bank of Healthcare workers in all categories and regularly keep in touch for their work availability so that we can offer them the shifts they need and also ensure we give the Client the service they deserve.

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